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One of my patients is moving to Orlando, Fla and she will need a SCD provider. Please e-mail me or my NP at or Jikm@ thank you Caterina Minniti
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Hello, When I was in Altlanta, I saw Doctor Collins.  The office number is 404-522-0917.  They have priviledges at Emory and can do Apheresis. I hope this helps.
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I am also trying to relocate to the Vegas area.  I am looking for a doctor or center that does Therapuetic Apheresis.  Once I find someone, I will definately let you know.  However, I have found some doctors there but none that do Apheresis.  The Las Vegas Cancer Center works with Sickle Cell patients but do not do Apheresis.  Their number is 702-739-9518.  They are in Clark County.  I spoke with Richard. In addition, your patients insurance may be able to give them a list of doctors in the area that treat Sickle Cell.  In many instances, your patient may have to go to a Hemotologist/Oncologist or an Internist. I hope this helps.  Have a great day.
Hey everybody, one of our teens got accepted to Cornell!!  Woo hoo!!!!  Her mom wants to know if there are any adult hematologists near Ithaca. If you know of any, please let me know.   Also, if anybody is aware of any scholarship. Our organization gives out scholarships earch year.  If you know of any others, it would be appreciated.   IASCNAPA gives out 4 $1,000 scholarships go to if you have someone who wants to apply.   Thanks, You can contact me at  
Does any know of groups or individuals in Las Vegas that care for Sickle cell patients?  I have a patient who will be relocating there and would like to have a provider asap.


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